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School Learning Plan

Greenway Elementary School

Our Story:

Who Are We Now:

     Greenway is a community that believes all students want to and are able to do well, thrive when relationships are part of their learning, can be successful, have an important voice, and deserve to belong.


      Our mission of Greenway Elementary is to teach, support, advocate for and celebrate the whole child by building relationships with families and students, amplifying student voice, supporting individual strengths and successes, providing a safe environment for academic and social emotional skill practice, modeling empathy and respect, and sparking joy.


      Our vision is that the students of Greenway Elementary are resilient, resourceful, hard-working and kind individuals who can develop and maintain healthy relationships.  All students are confident, optimistic, and ambitious learners who have the skills necessary to pursue their chosen path.  As social thinkers, students seek joy in life without fear, thrive in the face of challenge, and are the change they wish to see in the world. 

      At Greenway, we also believe that emotions matter and how we interact with them influence attention, memory, learning, decision making, judgment, relationship quality, physical and mental health and everyday effectiveness.  ALL learning is intertwined with our emotions !  Our Emotions Matter mindset is integrated in aspects of Greenway by:                                                                                                                                                     encouraging students to be emotion scientists and detectives by understanding the role of the emotions and the information gained from them - especially by paying attention to clues their body is giving them, helping students identify their Best Self and how they want to feel when they are at school, and cultivating a community that ALL students and staff are a part of and have a voice in.

Greenway is a school that focuses on a variety of partnerships to help our community thrive. We partner with the Oregon Food Bank to have a bi-montly food pantry. We have a 21st century grant that provides for after school enrichment and summer school. Additionally, we partner with the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge to provide onsite lessons and field trips to the refuge. Once a month, volunteers with Friends of the Refuge help our children identify birds during our bird watching recess time! 

Greenway is a place where we all strive to be our best selves and feel safe, joyful, included, valued, and helpful! 

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Date of Last Revision: October 1, 2019

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District Goal: WE empower all students to achieve post-high school success.

WE Expect Excellence
  • WE teach students knowledge and skills for our evolving world.
  • WE seek, support, and recognize world-class employees.
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WE Innovate
  • WE engage students with a variety of relevant and challenging learning experiences.
  • WE create learning environments that promote student achievement.
WE Embrace Equity
  • WE build honest, safe, and inclusive relationships with our diverse students and their families.
  • WE provide needed support so that every student succeeds.
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WE Collaborate
  • WE work and learn in teams to understand student needs and improve learning outcomes.
  • WE partner with our community to educate and serve students.